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Yes, I know this community is dead.

But I'm not, and I am trying to keep up with writing my dreams. Really vivid (though nonsensical) lately.

My parents and I were with Katrina from school. We had gone into a mansion. It wasn’t just any mansion, though. It was glorious, and gigantic, with curved walls of glass that soared up to an endless ceiling with dangling fairylights. The sea lapped at the windows, a bit too close for my comfort. The angles of the home were architecturally stunning, every facet of this space-age dwelling amazed me. All halls opened up into an expansive domed room, where carpeted catwalks crisscrossed above and below the main floor. A room off to the side was a bit smaller, but with one wall completely covered by a flat plasma television. The entire house was part of a complex of factories. The factories were attached to the house, but no one was allowed into the other rooms where production was taking place. The corporation’s name was SYN, and featured a golden logo with its name printed in jagged white typeface. They were known for gobbling up other companies in a spree of conglomeration. They now made everything from computers to processed beans. I stood in the hallway of the mansion with Katrina and inhaled the air.

"You know," I said. "Something in here feels vaguely sinister. I don’t think SYN is up to any good. I just have a feeling. I think we should go look around and see what these people are doing." My mom tried to warn me against it, saying that if SYN was involved in something shady, I would be in danger if I found out about it.

"This is just a dream!" I laughed. "I could jump off this building and be no worse for wear. I’m going!" My parents and Katrina finally agreed that there was no real danger, so we began poking around. There was a smaller room off to the side where a scrubby looking man was putting together tennis shoes and sending them down a conveyor belt. It looked innocent enough, but as I began to walk out, the man jumped out at me with a knife. I struggled with him and tried to scream, but I kept running out of breath. Finally, my dad noticed and ran to my aid, kicking the man and rendering him unconscious. Katrina stood nearby, looking pale. That clenched it. The man wouldn’t have tried to stab me if SYN had nothing to hide. My parents then kind of faded from the picture, and it was just Katrina and I. We walked back into the interior of the house and sat down. Five teenage boys descended a long flight of stairs and began to talk to us. I knew they worked for SYN, and were keeping us hostage there, but Katrina was oblivious. She lay stretched on a sofa, chatting idly.

"Hey, I have something for you." Said one boy, and darted into another room.

"He’s hot." Katrina told me dreamily.

When the boy returned, he brought with him what looked like one of those little stress balls you get at the drugstore. Katrina seemed thrilled with it, and squeezed it in her hands.

"I have to pee." I said loudly, so the boys would not think I was running off or had knowledge that they were trying to keep us captive. I headed towards a restroom then veered off to the right, down a long corridor that seemed to never end. It twisted like a snake, curvy then straight, until I finally got to a door. I opened it a crack and peeked in. Two men were there, sitting at a gigantic control center. Lights and dials flickered and spun wildly; monitors plastered the walls and even the ceiling. The monitor on the ceiling showed a screensaver with the SYN logo. I saw them slide a plastic card into a gaping slit at the side of a large computer. The screen flickered to life. By listening to their conversation, I learned that the control room was part of a companywide computer network nicknamed LEON. LEON held all the company’s information. If I managed to get into LEON, I could discover what they were hiding and bring the whole thing down. As I left, I slipped a plastic card from a pile of them that were near the door. I looked at it. It was white with little black notches. I put it back in my pocket and went back out, but circumvented the boys and Katrina. Katrina had really gone to the bathroom, and left the stress ball outside the door. I picked that up as well and pocketed it. Then, I made a break for it, and escaped out a wildly revolving glass door into the sunshine. Once again, I was nervous about how close the ocean was to the compound. One rouge wave could wash it away! I ran all the way home, where I sat to watch TV. Suddenly, I knew why the company wanted to keep us captive there. It wasn’t that they expected we knew their secret, they needed us. They had installed a new security system to make LEON impenetrable. To log on, you needed a plastic card smeared with the DNA from both me and Katrina. I took out my plastic card and rushed to my bathroom. I took a q-tip and swabbed the inside of my mouth and ran it down one side of the card. There was mine, but Katrina was still at the factory! I then remembered I had taken the stress ball. Perhaps some flakes of her skin were on it, it was the best I could do. I rubbed the ball on the other side of the card. I had a working card key now. I was going to put it in my computer and try to hack into LEON remotely, but then I decided that was a bad idea. They could easily track down where I had connected from and find my house. I would have to go there and do it. I ran all the way back to the compound, and entered through the public main house. From there, I sneaked back along the corridor and into the control room. Luckily, it was empty. I closed the door and propped a chair up against it to hold it shut. I sat down and slipped the card into the slot. The lights blinked and LEON was active. I delved into company records, and finally found what I was looking for. In every product they made they were incorporating a dormant virus. This virus was not the sort that made people sick; it actually changed weather patterns. When the signal was given from main headquarters, the virus would become active. Then, the chemical it released would cause the ocean to cover certain parts of the earth, causing huge tsunamis to wipe out hundreds of thousands of people. The ocean, I realized, had not always been so close to the compound, they had tested out a mild form of the virus and caused the sea to eat up the beach that had once stood between the two. I was going to shut all production down, but then I realized that thousands of infected products were on the market already. So again I escaped, this time running all the way to Payless. Here, I ran through the aisles until I found the shampoo section. I grabbed a bottle of SYN’s "Tequila Shower" shampoo. I paid for it, being very careful not to look to panicked in case SYN employees were out shopping. Then I ran over to where my dad worked. At his work, they have machines that can identify all chemicals in a product. By taking a sample there, I could find out what the ingredients were that made it deadly. Then, steps could be taken to find an antidote before the virus was activated. I had to make sure that they didn’t suspect it, though, because then they might activate it early to beat my vaccine. I tipped the vial of pinkish liquid into the machine and watched the lights blink. A paper came printing out of one end, indicating chemical levels. I reached down, tore it off, held it up to the light to read and—"HEY KATIE YOU BETTER GET IN THE SHOWER OR YOU’LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL." Sigh. Just once I’d like to finish saving the world.

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