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Intro Post/Dream

Hi, it's Ember Here (or Audi, since that's my new name at OoTP, and i can't help but always say that for a month, don't know why...)

But anywho, finally got around to joining this communty, and so here's my latest dream, which i think actually made me realize my true greatest fear..


All i can really remember about it is, that it was about terrorists in my community, and somehow i got the blame, and so i was to be executed immeadiately, and my family was the one who was doing it. i was the same age i am now, and i remember my parents saying they'll miss me, and they didn't want to do it, but they had to. and they were gonna give me a shot, and i would die a few minutes later. I started crying, screaming how it wasn't my time, i had all my life to live yet, that i didn't do what they said. That i didn't want to leave. And they kept telling me it would be okay, but i couldn't stop, obviously. But i didn't die after i had the shot...but later in my dream, after some other stuff happened they tried to do it again.

And so i woke up. which brings me to my conclusion:

i've always believed my greatest fear was being attacked by a shark, which is why i've never been in the ocean, with the exception of walking along the shore. but now i realize my greatest fear is death, leaving before my time and not having the chance to live. I know that eventually i'll die, because that's what happens to humans, they wither and they die of old age or some other reason. But all i know, is i don't want to die young, and the fact that that's a possibilty scares the living daylights out of me....

so that's my dream...


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