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So.  No one has posted anything in forever and a day and I feel bad for this poor little community.  So I shall post.  Mawhahaha.


So.  When I was, like, five I'd get scared and have to sleep in my moms bed with her.  (Yeah, yeah, you don't care about this).  Anyway, whenever I'd sleep in her room I'd have the same dream.

Red car.  Ours at the time.  Old.  Didn't go up hills very well.  It'd be driving up a mountain.  Like in the movies, ya know?  Where it'd get real close to going over the edge on a turn, but never did?  That's what it was like.

So, I'd have this dream all the time when I was little.  And then it stopped.  I didn't have it the last year or so that we lived at our old house.  And then one night, after we moved (which means I was six or older) I had it again.  Mind you, the red car we sold when I was five or so, but I still am terrified for whoever had it.  But the red car was in the dream.  And so this time I had the dream I wasn't very scared.  We never went over.  Except this time we did.


I had the dream again last night.  But it was like it was being continued.  I don' know if you've heard this before, but they say people don't see themselves die in dreams because they'll actually die or something since they seem so real.  Well, I remember not seeing myself die last time.  Ok, I don't remember it, but at the time I was big on keeping a journal and I have it written down as 'we fell down the side of the mountain, but I woke up before we died.'  (looking at my handwriting I'll say I was nine or ten when this one happened).

Ok, ok, on to my dream.  So last night I dream I'm still falling.  Like, it doesn't stop.  And I'm looking around, but my mom isn't in the car.  No one is but me.  And my teddy bear.  I look out the window and I saw just blackness.  Forever.  And we fell into the blackness.  And after a while we came out in Russia.  And some man in Russia chopped off my teddy bears head and made this evil laugh.  And then he cut off one of my legs and I was bleeding a lot, but I couldn't feel any pain or anything.

And then my mother woke me up to say that they were going to the store.  So yeah.

I'm done now.  Sorry it was so long and bless your soul (haha, I love saying that!) if you read it all. 

And yay for the community for having a post.

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