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No faking. I end up taking karate.

This is a good idea, Daynae! I'm going to think of a fun idea for contribution, too, soon. So that I can pretend to be half as good of a moderator as you are..

What time of night do you have the most vivid dreams, or do you know?
I'm not sure, because I wake up frequently during the night once I actually fall asleep, and almost every single time it's because of some dream I've had. They all seem very vivid as they're happening, but the details often fade as soon as I wake up.. and all I am left with is a bunch of emotion.

Are your dreams lucid? Not lately, they can be. Most of my very lucid dreams happened during puberty.. I don't know if that's a coincidence..

How coherent do your dreams tend to be? Lately they're fairly easy to follow, but I go through phases where the entire dream is a complete jumble

When was your worst nightmare and what was it? Well it started when I was about 8 or 9 and has re-occured several times.. in different versions. Though, not for over a year. Aaand.. if it's alright, I'd prefer not to talk about eeeet..

Do you have dreams with recurring characters, places, etc. that do not exist in real life? Only in the aforementioned nightmare, but I do have a lot of one-time dreams with people and places that don't exist. Infact, that's what most of my dreams consist of..

Do you think dreams have hidden meaning, or do you think we're just mashing up the day's events in our brain? I don't really know how much credibility I'd merit the whole prophetic dream theory with.. or anything like that, but I think they *can* tell you a lot about yourself, as well as just being event-mashed-potatoes ^_^


Been a different person in a dream? Heh. Yeah, once it was pretty perverted, too. Anyway, other than that, I'm usually just someone else who isn't a person in particular, and I never see what I look like.. but it always feels awkward because I'm in a new body of a different height and weight and such. And sometimes I interact with the self that I am now, but usually not.. ok here is my most vividly remembered one. It's also the least action packed but that's okay. I was crawling through these pipe tunnel things, with a bunch of other non-existant people, and I was a lot older. The insides of the pipes looked really shiny and like they were electric, in a way, but I guess they weren't since we were crawling through them while remaining unfried. Then we got into this dark attic type of thing, it was sort of a secret mission, and I was using an erm.. what are those things called? That tool that unscrews screws? I used that and we were all unscrewing the screws on the furniture in the attic place. But I've had ones that were a lot more detailed and involved, completely a new life of someone else.. I just never remember the details too clearly.

Died in a dream? Yeah kind of, more like an out of body observance of myself dying..

Killed anyone in a dream? erm.. *scratches eye* erm..well, I wouldn't REALLY ever do it.. don't look at me like I'm a maniac or something.. but I have..

Killed yourself in a dream? that was the out of body observance thing..

Had a precognative dream? Well, I haven't had a dream that has come true later, or anything. But I've had dreams where I've experienced things and still don't understand how, because I haven't in real life. Like having a child, because My God the maternal feelings that came with that were insane. It was probably the scariest dream I've ever had that wasn't an actual nightmare.. but I can't really explain why, and probably sound odd, so I'll stop..

Had episodic dreams? No, not really. The nightmare I mentioned before was sort of episodic, but only because it came in different versions.. and then progressed further each time..

Recurring dreams? Again, just that nightmare.. well, actually, I take that back. When I was little I had the recurring dream where I was in a convertable with my mom who got out, to drop something off at my friend's house and the car drove on it's own. Also, a dream about lightning and ghosts, also when I was little that kept returning. It was sort of funny when I think about it, because it would be like.. "Okay the ghosts are coming everybody hide" and we'd all hide and then.. yeah.. the sky outside was always so eerie and electric and lightningy. I think that's it, a few similar dreams like the pinching of my legs, and the not being able to scream, and the trying to spoon food into my mouth but not being able to, and.. the crocidile boyfriend who was obsessedly in love with me and became violent.. but they were different every time they came (it was only a crocidile once..)..

ANYTHING ELSE THAT MAKES YOUR DREAMS DIFFERENT: Dunno, cause I don't have ultra cool dreams like some people named Daynae *sniff* ^_^ I don't usually write in them either, and when I do I can't remember. Though I did come up with a character name for this comic I had in the sixth grade, Mr. Pebblepail. It made sense if you knew the comic, okay? Infact it was almost genius!! *cough* not really but ok. So yes they're usually just weird and, as I've noticed, have had to do with helplnessness of some sort.. I guess.
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