Jess [for their starving eyes to see] (messxofxemotion) wrote in dream_beans,
Jess [for their starving eyes to see]

Last night, I dreamed that a bunch of people were lined up in front of a desk. And they were calling out names. The people would go up and be handed a card. I thought the card had our grades on it. I was standing there with Sophie and Lydia, who are my friends, but we're not all that close. Anyway, they called out my name and I went up. They handed me a card and it said the name of a college that I would go to. I don't remember the name anymore. It was like "Little [something]". Sophie and Lydia went up to get their cards and they also recieved Little Something College. And we were like "hey cool". Someone else, who I recognized as one of those over-achievers who never got anything below an A in their life cried out that she had gotten into Worthington. Or maybe it was Covington. And Sophie said that that was probably where the smarter people went. And Lydia and I nodded. I went home and I told my parents the news. My parents said they were proud of me and that it was great because they didn't have to pay. They also said it was convenient because it was in Maryland. And I was like "it's in MARYLAND?!" And then we all started laughing really hard. And I told Kelsi that the one college I got into was in Maryland, the one place I absolutely did not want to live in again. And she said it was great because it was in the east coast. And all this time I was laughing a lot. So then I got on a bus with Sophie and Lydia and we went to visit Little Blank College. The bus went under a bridge. It came out and it stopped at a sign that said "Blank College" (rather than Little Blank) and I was confused and said this couldn't be it. And then all of the sudden my dad appeared and told me that this was it, and Little Blank was on the Blank campus, we would just have to walk a little. The Something campus was very nice. It was gigantic and gorgeous. It reminded me of the campus at Vassar College. It had all of these huge, gorgeous buildings in this really old-fashioned style. It was beautiful. Sophie, Lydia and I walked around and wondered where Little Something was. Finally after walking down for a long time we got to this teeny little cabin that was like falling apart. There was no sign or anything, but we knew it was Little Blank, because that's how my dreams work: I kind of see things and I have no way of knowing their name, but I identify it anyway. So, anyway, we saw this cabin and it was Little Blank. And then I woke up.

What do you think it means? I'm thinking it's a lot of insecurity stuff and worrying about my future and thinking I'm not going to get very far. Makes sense, knowing me. So I think it means that like I'm worried that I will end up exactly where I don't want to go in life. And what do Sophie and Lydia symbolize? I think they symbolize like.. Winchester people. The people who see me everyday as nothing. And they kind of take me to where I don't want to go. I'm just judging this by how I've been feeling lately. So anyway, I think it reflects a whole lot of self-esteem problems and fear. And also, the fact that I was handed a card with my college on it.. my future on it.. and I was in my school, by the way, when I got the card. So I don't know.. I think it means that I feel like this town is really bringing me down. And yes.
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